Woman shocks viewers after revealing ex-boyfriend used shirts as underwear

TikToker Steff McClay shows how her ex-boyfriend wore shirts as underwear.TikTok: SteffMcClay

A woman on TikTok has shocked viewers after revealing her ex-boyfriend used his old t-shirts as underwear instead of wearing boxers.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, the likeliness of something wild going viral and showing up on your For You Page increases daily.

TikToker Steff McClay is one of the latest creators to provide such content, revealing what her ex-boyfriend of five years used as underwear instead of traditional boxers or briefs.

The video shocked viewers worldwide, quickly garnering reactions in the comments.

TikToker reveals ex-boyfriend used shirts as underwear

In the video uploaded on December 30, 2022, Steff explained the situation with text overlayed on the screen.

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“I stayed with him for five years even though instead of boxers, he wore shirts,” she said.

In the upload, the TikToker is folding a t-shirt around her waist to show how her ex-boyfriend allegedly did it himself.

As the video quickly amassed over two million views and over four thousand comments, viewers quickly shared their reactions to learning the information.

“so he… made himself a grown-up diaper?? I do not understand. Did he have designated undie T-shirts? I have questions,” one user replied.

Another user said: “did he ever say why??? I can’t understand how this would be more comfortable than boxers.”

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A few other viewers asked if he would wear t-shirts normally after using them as underwear, to which Steff replied: “Yeah, sometimes.”

She went on to explain the situation a little more in-depth in a second video, revealing that he only did it when he ran out of clean underwear. Still, it didn’t change many people’s opinion following the story.