Woman shocks viewers after Amazon delivers adult toy instead of desk

TikToker Amanda Reed looking into the cameraTikTok: Amanda_reed_2022

A woman on TikTok has shocked her viewers after revealing that Amazon had delivered an adult toy to her instead of the computer desk that she ordered.

With millions of people placing orders on Amazon every day, it’s understandable that the occasional package might get messed up.

But for TikToker Amanda Reed, her mishap with the company was a bit more personal when Amazon sent her an adult toy instead of the computer desk that she ordered.

Amanda shared the story in a video, quickly going viral with fans flooding the comments with their reactions.

Woman says Amazon delivered adult toy instead of desk

Uploaded in early January, Amanda revealed that due to her living in a small town that doesn’t have mailboxes at each house, she has USPS deliver things to her husband’s 85-year-old grandma’s house.

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On the day it was delivered, the grandma called Amanda while she was coaching her kids’ basketball game and said something about it being put in the mailbox. Minutes later, the TikToker realized what was said and was left confused about how a desk could fit in the mailbox.

“[My husband called his grandma] and had her open the package. She reads an insert and it says ‘Mini massage erot*ca,’ and she says ‘Justin, I don’t think I can read any more of this.’ I had to go pick it up to send pictures to Amazon. I have been dying,” she explained.

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Fans quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on the situation, and some even had similar stories to tell.

“Some woman is staring at a desk right now saying ‘well this won’t work..’,” one user replied.

Another viewer commented: “Two of my orders were wrong just this week that were shipped by amazon. Idk what’s going on there to send THAT in place of a desk?! like what…”

“Idk what’s up with them lately but I ordered 2 conditioners and one shampoo and they sent me three shampoos,” a third user said.

Amanda revealed in a comment that Amazon gave her a refund for the product, and is going to look elsewhere for her desk.

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