Woman goes viral as actor she didn’t recognize on flight actually responds

Screenshots of woman taking photos on man on plane for TikTokTikTok: Paige Craig

A TikToker that went super viral for sitting next to a ‘mystery celebrity’ on her flight has actually gotten a response from him after he noticed the video. 

If you’ve ever traveled alone, you’ve always got that faint hope that the seat next to you will be empty. It just allows for a bit more freedom when flying. Though, you might just end up with a stranger next to you that ruins everything. 

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Well, in the case of TikToker Paige Craig, she was flying from Orlando to Los Angeles on May 12, when she was seated next to a ‘mystery celebrity’. She snapped a quick, sneaky snap for TikTok to show the man in question, noticing that people were coming up and asking him for photos. For added fun, she even had The Who’s ‘Who are you’ song playing in the background.

Paige remained clueless about his identity, only noting that he “spoke Spanish” and was “very nice.” Though, as the video racked up over 30 million views in a few days, viewers flooded the comments section to inform her that it was Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez. 

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Eugenio Derbez responds to viral TikTok of him on flight

Derbez, who was a part of the Oscar-winning cast of CODA in 2022, became a regular figure in Paige’s comments, as viewers continued to spam his name and accomplishments. 

Well, to the TikToker’s surprise, he even responded to the whole situation with his own TikTok. “Hi Paige! Let me introduce myself, my name is Eugenio Derbez and I’m basically an actor and director.”

After listing some of his most notable roles, Derbez turned the tables on Paige and parodied her original post. “Now, can someone tell me who this girl is?! Because people keep following her, she has more than 1 million!”

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Commenters praised the actor for having fun with the situation and for putting plenty of effort into his joking response. 

It all seemed to end pretty well too, with Paige noting that she was going to “binge” his movies as a result.

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