Why are people boycotting Kickstarter?

Eli Becht

Many big names are saying they are done with Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform that helps people bring their dreams to life.

Kickstarter has come under fire by many prominent names due to the company’s stance on unions.

According to an article by Current Affairs, several workers at Kickstarter and trying to organize a union but the CEO is opposed to the idea and will not recognize one even if it has a lot of support.

Kickstarter celebrated its 10th birthday in April 2019.

Of course, this hasn’t sat well with the employees but it has also caused others who have used Kickstarter in the past to speak out in defense of the employees.

Neil Gaiman, a popular author and comic book writer, voiced his stance by explaining he’ll have to avoid using Kickstarter in the future.

“Given this, I’m very unlikely to post support or links on Twitter for Kickstarter projects in the future,” he said. “Even if I very much want them to succeed. I can’t think of any other way to tell Kickstarter that they are being utter d*cks.”

Neil Gaiman is no stranger to using Kickstarter and even had a profile written about him on the website in 2014, where he explained many of the benefits of using the platform.

He is far from the only one to voice his concerns a number of other people said they won’t be using or supporting Kickstarter in the wake of this news.

Whether this means anything major in the grand scheme of things remains to be seen, but it’s clear the executives at Kickstarter have ruffled more than a few feathers by going anti-union.

There aren’t many other prominent crowdfunding platforms out there like Kickstarter so those looking to raise money towards a goal might not have another place to look.

The platform launched in April 2009 and in its 10+ years of operation, it has received more than $4 billion of funding for various projects and that number grows daily.

We will keep you updated with what comes next with Kickstarter going forward.

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