When is Tfue returning to stream on Twitch?


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is still on hiatus from Twitch, and fans have been left wondering when he will be back to his regular streaming schedule. Here’s everything we know.

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Back on September 13, Tfue revealed that he was taking a surprise break from Twitch after claiming to be feeling “trapped” in his mind and generally being unhappy.

Since then, Tenney hasn’t broadcasted on Twitch or uploaded on YouTube, leaving his 7 million followers and 11 million subscribers in the dark. The hiatus marks his first long break from streaming since his boom in popularity.

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Tfue TwitchTFue’s break from streaming on Twitch has been his first major time off for a while.

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When will Tfue return to Twitch?

Tfue has finally confirmed that he will return to streaming on October 1, and will return to YouTube then too.

During his absence, he has not disappeared from the internet entirely, still regularly tweeting and referencing Fortnite, so it looks like he’s still been playing the game, just off-stream.

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Will Tfue keep playing Fortnite?

Tfue did appear on stream for the Fortnite Twitch Rivals event, but, before his break, he had swapped the battle royale game for Minecraft after voicing his complaints about Epic Games’ battle royale.

Like many casual and competitive players, Tenney complained about the BRUTE Mech’s that arrived at the start of Season X – claiming that he was considering uninstalling and even told the developers to go “fuck yourself,” during a frustrated outburst.

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Thankfully, the BRUTE mechs are now gone, and Fortnite is gearing up for Season 11, meaning it would be the perfect time for Tfue to jump back into the game he’s best known for.

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Given that Tfue was often pulling in upwards of 40,000 concurrent viewers, his return stream on October 1 will no doubt attract an even bigger audience, as fans who have been missing out on their favorite Fortnite pro flock back.