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Who is Jennifer Couture on TikTok? Florida ‘Karen’ goes viral after alleged assault

Published: 28/Jan/2022 12:22

by Jacob Hale


A TikTok has gone viral showing a Florida woman called Jennifer Couture allegedly assaulting someone outside a Dunkin Donuts — including trying to hit them with her car.

People go viral on TikTok for all manner of reasons, both good and bad, and for some people, it can make or break their careers, either on the platform or off it.

In a video posted online, a woman described simply as a ‘Karen’ was seen trying to grab a phone out of a young girl’s hand, as the alleged victim tells her that “you just assaulted me.”

Now, the woman in question appears to have been found as Jennifer Couture from Florida, and she’s facing the wrath of the internet as the video continues to go viral.


Viral Jennifer Couture TikTok

The video that has picked up millions of views is the one exposing the woman, supposedly identified as Florida woman Jennifer Couture.

@thatdaneshguyJennifer Couture is gonna catch some charges♬ original sound – Danesh

Exposed by thatdaneshguy on TikTok, the woman tells the girl holding the phone, “You need to f**king relax with your little attitude” before apparently trying to snatch her phone and mocking her for saying it was assault.

Danesh then shows himself finding Couture on Facebook and, upon showing her the video, she seemingly admits to it and asks whether she should be getting in touch with an attorney.

Danesh claims to believe that Couture could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon on two counts, and has passed on the information to the alleged victim in the video — though what comes from it remains to be seen.