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What is Permadeath in GTA RP? Summit1g and SilentSentry drama explained

Published: 2/Apr/2019 11:07

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamers Jaryd ‘GTA RP, we’ve got you covered.

Grand Theft Auto RP [roleplay] has become incredibly popular with Twitch streamers and viewers alike in recent weeks, returning to prominence as one of the highest viewed games on the platform.  

Yet, there are still some things that viewers may not understand – even if they have sat down and watched numerous hours of the game.

Twitch: SsaabGTA RP is once again one of the most popular titles on Twitch, cultivating a loyal following.

What is Permadeath in GTA RP?

A Permadeath, short for permanent death, is a simple concept. GTA RP players do, of course, come back from deaths in-game on a regular basis, but ‘perma deathing’ is different as it’s when a player grows tired of a character or that character suffers a death in which they cannot come back from.

This can come from things like poor RP interactions, leaving a server like NoPixelor dying in an incredible manner – be it that a medical team is unable to reach them in time or they are blown to the high heavens by another player.

Think of it like a character being written out of a TV show. They’ve run their course and now it’s time for them to depart. A completely new character may take their place, but that original one that you liked isn’t coming back.

GTA RP players have held funerals for permadeath players before.

What happened between Summit and Sentry?

Summit and Sentry’s characters have been doing battle with each other for some time, due to their in-game gang affiliations. Sentry’s Jesus Garcia persona has been a part of the ‘Vagos’ with Lil Loco – a character that Summit has taken great issue with.

It all came to a head on April 1, when Summit and his crew gunned down Jesus in a back alley after spotting him roaming the streets. Jesus was then left for dead, on top of his car, after being sprayed down. While he was waiting for medical assistance, the character was doused in gasoline and blown up.

“Oh really? You’ve got to go that far with it? Ok, I guess it’s perma time,” said Sentry as he was being killed.

Why did Sentry choose to perma?

The streamer decided to close the book on the Jesus character because of what had happened. After the death, he explained later in the stream why he had chosen to do so.

“I didn’t wanna perma him there, but I kind of had to,” said Sentry, before reeling off the long list of things that had happened to him during the encounter. “We come back from that, we’re fucking invincible man – there’s nothing we can’t come back from. Every good story has to have an ending.”

While the death was not on the terms that Sentry would have liked, he decided that putting the character to a permanent rest would be the right thing to do.

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about permadeaths in Grand Theft Auto RP. They’re not a ban on a streamer or player, just the death of a character that is no longer going to appear in the server.  

World of Warcraft

Twitch streamer avoids speeding ticket thanks to WoW Shadowlands

Published: 24/Nov/2020 10:55 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 10:57

by David Purcell


World of Warcraft Shadowlands finally arrived on November 23 and while one Twitch streamer drove home far too fast to load it up with friends, the Police officer who stopped them completely understood. 

As many members of the community will know, the game’s latest expansion will bring together loads of new and returning players for an all-new story. There’s Covenants to mess around with, new quests to try out, and many will have been rushing home to play it after work.

Though, speeding is against the highway code and by driving too fast you are putting others in danger – which meant one streamer was unfortunately told to pull over by the Cops.

Usually, this would lead to a speeding ticket, but after explaining their reason for going too fast – to get home and throw Shadowlands on – the officer came in clutch and decided to turn a blind eye in what was quite a remarkable story.

Shadowlands is finally here and some are getting a bit to exicted.

Shadowlands saves Twitch streamer a speeding ticket

On release day, streamer bbnogames was already playing Shadowlands when his friend called, who presumably also streams with him.

They said: “Bro, hahaha. The Cop was like ‘yo, you know how fast you were going?’ I’m like dude I’m so sorry, this game is dropping soon, all my friends are waiting for me.

“He’s like ‘Shadowlands?’ And I’m like yeah, and he’s like OK go!”


After that, he said he was just five minutes away and eventually joined the team playing online. After that remarkable exchange with the Police officer, things went without a hitch, when really he could have been left with a hefty ticket to pay for his troubles.

Instead, they were able to link up together later in the night and jump into World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. Maybe next time, he won’t be so lucky.