What happened to Amanda Carravallah from TikTok? Woman “ruins” career with DUI

Amanda Carravallah during her 2021 arrest for DUI.YouTube: 5-0 PATROL

It’s been almost a year since Amanda Carravallah disappeared from the internet after “ruining” her career with a DUI. But what happened to her? Here’s everything we know.

New faces appear and disappear from TikTok every other day, some of them do so while remaining unknown, others precisely because of their newfound infamy. 

Amanda Carravallah initially went viral for protesting the decision to overturn Roe v Wade in 2022 and amassed more than 2 million likes from all her TikTok videos before her account went private.

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One of her videos survived via repost on the ACLU of Michigan Twitter account. In the video, we can hear Amanda summarizing her efforts to protest the decision before a compilation of her videos plays showing her making custom signs, playing music, and waving at passing police.

Amanda Carravallah’s arrest footage surfaces

Amanda’s blooming TikTok career came to a screeching halt when in December of 2022 a body cam footage of her driving under the influence surfaced on YouTube. The footage of Amanda’s DUI went viral all across TikTok.

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The footage from July 2021 shows police officers trying to get barely responsive Amanda to park her car and get out of it at an intersection during the night.

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The officers succeed in doing so after a couple of minutes, after getting the influencer out of the car she is questioned by police but she has trouble answering the most basic questions and gets distracted at a moment’s notice.

MoistCr1TiKaL summarized his thoughts and the events of the arrest in his video.

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According to court documents, Amanda was charged for this situation and sentenced to 6 days of community service and 12 months of probation. The probation period ended on December 26, 2022, two weeks after the body cam surfaced on the internet.

Since Amanda either deleted all her social media or set them to private, it’s impossible to tell what happened to her after December 2022.

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