What are Linewives and Bucket Bunnies on TikTok?

TikTok Linewives vs bucket bunnyTikTok: Emilyhosein1, EffanieHams

Since Hurricane Ian devastated Florida recently, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies have been going at it through TikTok videos. But why?

Over the last few days of September 2022, Hurricane Ian devastated the Florida coastline — leaving thousands of its residents without power.

This prompted electrical companies nationwide to deploy their equipment and linemen to the southern state to speed up recovery in severely damaged areas as linemen are electricians who work on power lines and poles outside.

TikTokers have since uploaded videos showing these linemen showing up on dating apps, although many have a family waiting on them to return home.

linemen working in a bucket truckUnsplash: publicpowerorg
Linemen are electricians who work inside bucket trucks to fix outside wires.

What is a Linewife?

A line wife is the wife of a lineman, simple as that. These women post regularly on TikTok to share their thoughts about having a husband who travels for work, including a fear for their safety.

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The line wife hashtag on the app has been viewed over 128 million times since its creation, with thousands of videos uploaded all the time.

What is a Bucket Bunny?

According to users on TikTok, a ‘bucket bunny’ is a woman who goes out with a bunch of electrical linemen without caring if they’re single or married.

Why are Bucket Bunnies and Line Wives fighting?

Shortly after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida and linemen began traveling down to the state to help fix their infrastructure, TikToker EmilyHosein posted a video showing the linemen who are showing up on her Tinder app.

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However, the drama isn’t centered around the fact that linemen may be cheating on their wives, instead, Linewives have taken to the app to express how they believe ‘bucket bunnies’ aren’t capable of doing what they do.

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TikToker Effaniehams uploaded a video explaining all of the things that her husband requires, and even jokes to let her know when he’s coming home so she can hide all of her Amazon packages.

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Having to deal with a husband constantly traveling for work time is definitely a rough lifestyle to live, but other line wives have shared that they’re excited for the impending paycheck they’re about to receive as well.