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Watch The First Official Trailer for the Deji vs Jake Paul Boxing Match

Published: 12/Aug/2018 12:31 Updated: 12/Aug/2018 12:38

by Calum Patterson


The main attraction on August 25 at the Manchester Arena will be KSI vs Logan Paul, but their brothers, Deji vs Jake Paul, will also be facing off on the undercard.

Originally, KSI had called out both Jake and Logan, but after Jake seemed to back out of the potential fight, KSI’s younger brother Deji (aka ComedyShortsGamer) stepped up to challenge him.

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And the beef between Deji and Jake, which originally started from nothing (Jake claims he had never heard of Deji beforehand), has ramped up since the pair were lined up against each other.

After a war of words at the Los Angeles press conference, followed by a number of videos sending shots back and forth, they faced off again at the London press conference, and the tension was real.


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The real moment of angst was during their face-to-face meeting, recorded with world champion boxer Johnny Nelson, and it was clear both fighters can’t wait to get their hands on each other.

The full trailer for their fight has now been released, documenting the events leading up to fight, which is now only a matter of weeks away.

Without any more press conferences or meetings, the next time they will be in the same room will likely be the fight itself.

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Jake is most people’s favorite for the fight, as Deji admits he has never trained before and doesn’t consider himself an athlete.


On the other hand, Jake has some experience fighting, previously a wrestler when he was younger.

But niether fighter has any experience at boxing, so it is simply two amateurs attempting to hit each other as much as possible – we’re not expecting a strategic masterclass.

The fight will take place on August 25 at the Manchester Arena, and you can watch live on the dedicated KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube channel.