Valkyrae stunned as Addison Rae launches new blue light skincare product

Addison Rae holding Screen Break skincare product with Valkyrae photo from InstagramInstagram: valkyrae/Addison Rae

Valkyrae was left absolutely perplexed after TikTok star Addison Rae announced her new skincare product to protect from ‘blue light’ — just months after Valkyrae was widely criticized for the same thing.

In October 2021, Valkyrae announced the launch of a skincare product called RFLCT, in which the primary aim was to protect young people from the dangers of blue light pollution that is emitted from screens.

While she was excited about the project, the backlash quickly piled on and the entire product was canceled less than two weeks later.

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While Valkyrae has since felt more comfortable cracking RFLCT jokes on stream and being open about the ordeal, she was shocked to see Addison Rae following in the same footsteps.

Called ‘Screen Break’, Addison’s product is marketed very similar to Rae’s RFLCT. It’s aimed to protect against blue light pollution, as evidenced in the name of the product.

While those familiar with the RFLCT drama are confused by Addison’s decision to go ahead with this, despite the backlash Valkyrae received, few are as confused as Valkyrae herself.

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“IM REBRANDING TO JUST VALKY LOL HOW IS THIS REAL?!” she asked on Twitter after catching wind of Addison’s latest venture, even adding that she “wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same company.”

She even changed her Twitter name to ‘JUST VALKY’, making a joke about the situation, dropping the ‘Rae’ that she shares with Addison.

Valky’s frustration with the situation is understandable. After spending so long working on RFLCT and seeing it be shut down so quickly, it’s not hard to see why she might feel a bit put out about another influencer capitalizing on the opportunity.

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Now, the question is whether we see Addison Rae receive as much backlash as Valkyrae did.

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