US Veteran Streams Battlefield 1 Using a Controller with Only One Arm and His Foot

A US Marine Corps veteran and amputee has started streaming his Battlefield 1 gameplay on Twitch – which he plays with a controller using his only arm and his foot.

The streamer, who goes by ToeYouUp, has no left arm due to amputation but that hasn’t stopped him picking up the controller and grinding out some first person shooter action.

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He explains on his channel that he lost the arm after a motorcycle accident at age 24, but has “adapted and overcome the challenges of playing, by using his foot, in place of his hand.”

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He recently started streaming his gameplay and includes a camera showing his entire body to demonstrate the very unorthodox playing position, all while using a standard PS4 controller.

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His channel on Twitch has just over 500 followers at the time of writing, which received a boost when a number of other channels hosted him after being impressed with his skill – despite his disadvantage.

After the host, a clip of him playing was posted to Reddit, gaining him even more attention.

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He was thankful for the added exposure as he attempts to grow his stream following, with a special mention to another Battlefield streamer, StevenSwendsen, for sending viewers his way.

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While ToeYouUp sticks with using a standard PS4 controller, there are numerous developments from the likes of the recently unveiled Xbox ‘Adaptive Controller’, designed specifically for those with physical impairments.

While Sony and PlayStation are yet to announce an official equivalent, there are modified PlayStation controllers for single hand use, such as Ben Hecks ‘Accessibility Controller’.

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For now though, it looks like TouYouUp has it pretty well covered with his hand and foot technique and will have undoubtedly gains some new fans since his clip has went somewhat viral.