Typical Gamer Makes Brilliant Gesture After Winning $10,000 KEEMSTAR Friday Fortnite Tournament


Andre “Typical Gamer” Rebolo has announced that he is donating his half of the $10K winnings from KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament to charity.

The YouTuber and his tournament duo SoaR Nicholas “Thief” Smorto took home the first place prize from the second of the weekly tournaments on May 18th.

Typical Gamer and Thief won the double elimination tournament without losing a single match.

And TG pulled in quite the audience, with Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, who hosts the event, stating that Typical Gamer pulled 1 million unique viewers on YouTube Gaming.

Gamers giving back to the community falls in line with what KEEMSTAR intended for the tournament initially.

With the rise of exposure around the Fortnite community there has been a proportional increase in charitable streamers.

On stream Typical Gamer first announced he would be donating his prize money to charity, but reaffirmed this with the tweet.

Typical Gamer has not made public which charity he will donate the sum to, but it is heart warming to know that the money will go to a good cause.

It is likely we will see more streamers involved in the tournament giving back to the community and being charitable, as the competitive Fortnite scene continues to grow.

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