Tyler1 mocks Europe in epic rant following Team Liquid's loss at MSI 2019 - Dexerto

Tyler1 mocks Europe in epic rant following Team Liquid’s loss at MSI 2019

Published: 20/May/2019 16:30 Updated: 20/May/2019 23:08

by Eli Becht


Tyler ‘League of Legends, but this time he showed us his rages that target whole groups of people, like Europeans.

Prompted by Team Liquid going out to G2 at MSI 2019, Tyler had to defend the NA by belittling the EU any way he could, even throwing a bit of shade at NA by labeling Team Liquid as “weak NA League of Legends.”

tyler1Tyler1 is well-known for his rages.
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Tyler exposed all of Europe

“You beat a bottom tier team of NA, congrats fellas,” he said. “Soccer, period. That’s all I have to say. F-f-f-football, it’s football, shut up, you’re stuttering spitting that out. That’s a European education. I’m almost positive everyone from Europe has social anxiety drilled into them.”


These are harsh words to lay down as a blanket statement about a whole continent but hurling insults and ranting has become something Tyler1 is known for.

His chat, for the most part, encouraged his rant spamming emotes and laughing along with him.

Riot GamesTyler1 is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers on Twitch.

What happened at MSI 2019?

Despite Tyler1 saying NA is better than the EU, we saw Team Liquid get swept by EU’s G2 Esports.

By defeating Team Liquid, G2 became Europe’s first ever MSI champs. The path there wasn’t easy as neither G2, nor Team Liquid, were expected to meet in the Finals but both arrived there by way of upset.


EU might have won the latest NA vs. EU showdown in League of Legends, but Tyler1 is making sure to do his country proud by defending their honor on his stream daily.