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Tyler1 exposes troll Twitch viewer after they ask to be unbanned

Published: 10/Aug/2019 12:19 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 17:50

by Daniel Cleary


Popular League of Legends streamer, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, exposed one of his Twitch viewers who sent him a donation requesting to be unbanned from his chat.

Tyler1, who is known for his highly entertaining League of Legends gameplay, is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with over 2.5 million followers on his channel.

However, as with many popular streamers on the platform, Tyler also constantly has to deal with viewers trolling him and writing inappropriate messages in his Twitch chat, which can often result in them getting suspended or banned from typing his channel.

Tyler1 - TwitchTyler1 often has to deal with many viewers in his Twitch chat trolling him.


Tyler1, alongside the help of his moderator team on Twitch, keeps track of all of his viewers bans and the reasons behind each one by using a log system to make sure that none of his fans are unfairly banned.

The LoL streamer often has requests from users to be unbanned through his donations, and when one viewer on August 7 asked Tyler1 to lift the suspension, he hilariously exposed what the viewer had been banned for.

The viewer, who goes by ikurokage, donated to Tyler1 claiming he was “very reformed” and that he would not “post anything naughty or bad in chat again” in the hopes that he would soon be free to type again.


When Tyler1 checked ikurokage’s ban logs though, he uncovered lines of different symbols which are commonly seen to be used in Twitch chat to display shapes when typing in chat.

The streamer quickly suspected that the viewer had been banned for posting a message in his chat, “You literally posted a c*ck, wait I’m pretty sure this is a c*ck.”

To see if his suspicions were correct, Tyler1 then exposed what the viewer had typed by entering the text in his own Twitch chat, before quickly siding with his mod’s decision of banning the viewer for the message, “Yeah it’s a c*ck, you’re not getting unbanned.”


Tyler along with many popular streamers on the platform often have to deal with viewers looking to troll them and after years of streaming on Twitch, the LoL streamer knows exactly how to handle them, however, he did later unban the troll during his stream despite initially refusing his request.