Tyler1 embarrasses viewer watching his stream in a Waffle House

Connor Bennett

League of Legends streamer on Twitch, as fans regularly tune in to his streams to see him dominate opponents with both his in-game skills and trash talk.

Yet, sometimes it’s the viewers who drop into his crosshairs rather than opposing players. Plenty of fans do it intentionally, pushing T1 to the point of no return with their chat spam. Others accidentally make themselves into targets, dropping donations and giving the streamer room to roast them.

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Riot Games
Tyler1 has become one of the most recognizable name in all of League of Legends.

That happened during his May 20 stream, as one fan dropped a donation, stating that they were loving the broadcast and were enjoying it in a Waffle House restaurant. But, they made the mistake of asking T1 to ‘keep it down’ because they were watching with a speaker.

In typical Tyler1 fashion, the streamer immediately flipped the situation on the donator, yelling: “I’m about to dine and dash in this bitch! I ain’t paying no fucking bill! You can’t fucking stop me.”

He didn’t stop there either. Tyler continued to make out as if he was sat in the Waffle House himself, turning his focus to the staff. “The service was fucking trash!” he finished, looking to prompt a response from someone.

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Ultimately, T1 laughed off what he had done and told the donator “I got you,” before continuing on with his stream – even though he couldn’t confirm whether or not his screaming had just gone out to a public restaurant, or if the fan was just pulling his leg.

Regardless, at least Tyler1’s fans got yet another hilarious highlight clip out of his stream – even if it might serve as a warning for those who try the same in the future. He clearly isn’t worried about embarrassing his own viewers.