Tyler1 breaks down why he "loves" anxiety and his crazy way of coping - Dexerto

Tyler1 breaks down why he "loves" anxiety and his crazy way of coping

Published: 22/Apr/2019 22:44

by Alan Bernal


Anxiety can be a tricky mental affliction for people to cope with, so Twitch streamer Tyler1 gave a peak into how he deals with the problem whenever he feels the nerves are getting to him.

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Anyone can suffer from bouts with anxiety, especially younger crowds these days. So it was a refreshing turn of pace when Twitch’s most popular Reformed streamer talked about what he does in the rare occasion of uncontrollable angst.

During an April 22 broadcast, Tyler1 was getting hyped to start off his stream on a good note by giving his audience an alternative method of coping with the occasional episode of anxiety in a strange but wholesome way.


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How does Tyler1 cope with anxiety?

Though sometimes anxiety can be crippling for a person, Tyler1 tries to use the nerves he sometimes senses to propel himself by taking a borderline terrifying approach to the feelings.

“I literally go to the mirror [when I feel anxiety,] and I just start laughing,” Tyler1 said before exploding into a roar. “’What is wrong, you pussy?!’ And it fixes it everytime.”

The methodology is very similar to normal affirmations people typically give themselves before the start of a day, but with a very “Tyler” twist.

The streamer continued by giving a closer look at the responses he gives to the feelings of angst that can come over him at times.


“I was in the fucking bathroom today just yelling, ‘Let’s go!’ on the fucking toilet. ‘Let’s fucking go! Whew! That’s it!? That’s all you can give me?! You think that’s gonna stop me?! You gotta be kidding.’ Straight fucking laughing,” Tyler1 said.

Tyler can sometimes get anxiety

The streamer said he sometimes gets anxiety after taking some of his dietary supplement Blood Rush, but even then it’s only so often, saying “once every two months.”

But when Tyler1 senses those feelings creeping over him, he quickly sees it as an opportunity to bolster himself with vigorous affirmations that makes him “love” anxiety.


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Tyler1, TwitchThe streamer says that private but loud affirmations to himself quickly clears anxiety before it settles in.

“I love when I get that anxiety,” Tyler1 said. “Because it’s a mental check. It happens to me once every two months, honestly. I love it. I love it.”

Tyler1’s approach to anxiety can come across as off-putting to some, but he says it’s a good way to instantly use the nerves to one’s advantage instead of it going against them.