Twitch won’t return top Pokemon speedrunner’s hacked account

Matt Porter
The Pokemon Company / Unsplash

A world record-holding Pokemon speedrunner has revealed that Twitch are refusing to recover his channel after it was hacked and he lost control of it.

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Exarion is widely recognized as one of, if not the best speedrunner in the world, which sees players attempting to complete games in the shortest time possible.

The Minnesota native currently holds the fastest times for completing a number of Pokemon titles such as Red, Yellow, and Emerald, and regularly streams his attempts on his Twitch channel, but has lost control of his account.

Nintendo / The Pokemon Company
Exarion holds the world record on Pokemon Yellow among others.
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The channel has since been removed entirely, and Exarion has revealed that despite an attempt to regain access to it, Twitch have so far refused to help him, despite his status as a Twitch partner.

The streamer states that he filed a ticket about the issue with the service, and even though he provided information that the Amazon-owned platform asked for, they decided not to reinstate the channel and return ownership to him. The reason is currently unknown, but Dexerto have reached out for clarification.

“My partnered Twitch account was hacked, and I’m currently unable to access the account,” wrote Exarion on Twitter. “When I filed a ticket with Twitch and provided personal information, Twitch said they couldn’t grant me access.”

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For streamers, losing their Twitch channel is a huge blow, as every day they spend unable to stream is more potential revenue gone in the form of lost viewership, advertizing, subscribers and even sponsorship deals.

What makes matters worse for Exarion is that while many streamers see their account removed because they have broken Twitch’s rules, he has lost control of his channel through no fault of his own, but rather through the malicious actions of the hacker.

The speedrunner has reached out Twitch Support on Twitter for assistance, and has asked fans to retweet his message in the hopes that he can get his account back.