Twitch under fire after banning streamer for “fraudulent activity” and withholding payments

Published: 30/Jul/2019 8:44 Updated: 31/Jul/2019 9:53

by Connor Bennett


Twitch has come under fire after banning a streamer for “fraudulent activity” and withholding payments from subscribers.

Getting partnered on Twitch can be an arduous task, with streamers putting in hours upon hours of work to get a subscriber button on their channel and in turn being able to make money.

However, that can all be taken away as quickly if the livestreaming platform finds you within violation of their rules. That unfortunate situation landed upon iRacing streamer Craig Williams – despite the fact that he wasn’t set out to break any rules or guidelines. 

Twitter: craigsetupshopFans use Twitch subs to support Williams’ workshop for iRacing.

On July 29, Williams, who runs the popular Craig’s Setup Shop for iRacing, was struck down by Twitch after amassing around 1300 subscribers. 

While he isn’t an everyday streamer, instead streaming around once a week, Williams uses the subscriptions to give fans access to his in-game set-up shop where he has car tune-ups for a wide variety of races.

He took issue with the fact that nobody had investigated him prior to being struck down with a ban, was labeled as fraudulent activity from the get-go, and received pretty poor communication from Twitch. 

“No research was given into what I did, no questions were asked,” he tweeted. “From my first email you did nothing to help, you just assumed I was being a fraud. 1300 subscribers and 300+ of that number used NONE PRIME accounts.”

However, the streamer offered up a slightly positive update to the situation a few hours later, noting that his indefinite suspension had been removed – even though he still hadn’t received his owed payments.

He posted: “Twitch have removed the ban from my account but I’ve received no email. Hopefully with all the support from you guys they’ve got people looking into it and hopefully some news comes my way soon, I cannot thank each and every single one of you enough <3”

Despite that, it appeared as if the damage was already done to Twitch regarding the situation, as some personalities piled on with criticism. 

Senior Vice President of Immortals Tomi ‘lurppis’ Kovanen suggested that whichever member of the support sent the “fraudulent activity” email to Williams would be fired by the livestreaming company. 

Update: July 31, 5:47AM EST: Williams has no confirmed that Twitch has fully reinstated his channel and his revenue from the stream will in fact be paid out.

Last updated: July 30, 5:47 AM EST.


Jake Paul mocks Conor McGregor’s sparring partner for UFC 257 bout

Published: 12/Jan/2021 1:49

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jake Paul is at it again, and this time he’s mocked Conor McGregor’s sparring partner ahead of his UFC 257 bout, a professional boxer named Dylan Moran with an impressive 15 – 1 record.

Jake Paul is still doing his best to try and get Conor McGregor’s attention, and it hasn’t worked so far. However, he may have gotten one step closer after taking a swipe at his sparring partner for UFC 257.

Conor has been sparring with a professional boxer named Dylan Moran, who has an impressive 15 – 1 record. But apparently, that doesn’t mean much to Jake, who is sitting on a 2 – 0 record himself. Here’s what he had to say.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
Jake Paul
Jake Paul has been trying to get Conor McGregor’s attention for some time now.

“Conor McGregor has a fight coming against Dustin Poirier, the guy who he already beat in one round,” he said. “Conor’s taking easy fights. But he’s been sparring in Ireland, and someone… asked him about his recent sparring sessions. This is what Conor [said].”

Jake shared some screenshots of Conor talking about his sparring partner. He described him as “very tough” and “one of the better boxers I’ve shared the ring with.”

Conor also said the rounds were “super close.” He even copped a decent shot on the nose from the “phenomenal” and “exciting” boxer, which made him bleed.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
Def Noodles / Jake Paul
Conor McGregor had nothing but kind words for his sparring partner.

Jake swooped on this opportunity to dish out some criticism. “So Conor’s been boxing and going against some phenomenal, exciting Irish talent,” he said. “Then, this kid must be terrific, you know, because Conor’s a good boxer, right?”

“We looked this kid up,” he added, with a smirk. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the big, bad, exciting Irish talent. Dylan Moran, the kid that Conor McGregor is sparring against.”

He shared a video of the boxer struggling to guard up and get knocked down in a previous bout. Then, it cut to another instance in the same fight where the commentators were begging the boxer to grab his opponent. Instead, he got knocked out cold and lost the bout.

“That’s the guy making Conor bleed and giving him close rounds,” said Jake, clearly mocking them both. “There’s a fifty million dollar offer on the table. I think at this point, Conor’s just scared to lose because he knows I’m a better boxer.”

Conor McGregor has not yet responded, and probably won’t. UFC 257 is around the corner, and he’d be focused on preparing for Dustin Poirier. Plus, UFC President Dana White has made it clear he wants Conor to stick with MMA for the time being.

So, it seems like Jake Paul’s antics have failed once again. But who knows what the future might hold. The fight could still happen at some point, and he’s certainly doing his best to make it happen.