Twitch streamers burn steak and accidentally get the fire department to show up

Two fire trucks outside Trymacs' apartment buildingTwitch: Trymacs

German Twitch streamer Trymacs captured the moment the fire department showed up at his doorstep after a steak was mishandled in the streamer’s kitchen.

Tripping the smoke detector by accident is the worst nightmare of anyone that has one installed in their apartment, and for Twitch streamer Trymacs, it happened in front of thousands of live viewers.

The German streamer was doing a self-imposed “no food challenge” where he and his streamer friends tried going one week without eating anything.

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To take the challenge to a next level, Trymacs invited colleagues and friends to his penthouse apartment so they could cook food for themselves there and tempt the streamers to cave in and give up on the challenge.

One of them decided to make himself a juicy steak but he might have underestimated how hot the pan was, as the steak almost immediately started burning, tripping one of the smoke detectors and triggering the fire brigade to show up within 15 minutes.

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Streamers make fire department show up because of burnt steak

Trymacs and his friends stepped out to the balcony because smoke quickly filled the apartment, when getting some fresh air they captured the fire brigade and ambulance making their way towards them.

According to a viewer of Trymacs, he “had to pay 8000 Euros” for his friend’s charred steak.

The entire VOD from March 17 can be seen on the streamer’s Twitch page. Despite the brigade showing up, the stream went on for another 17 hours, so the situation was resolved by the streamer. Thankfully since there was no fire, only a lot of smoke, nobody was hurt in the process.

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Live streaming and fire brigades seem to go hand in hand as last year another streamer almost burned down her kitchen during a subathon.

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