Twitch streamer’s boyfriend hilariously exposes viewer for trying to buy her feet pictures

Meg Bethany Koepp
Twitch: Jewel / Unsplash

A Twitch streamer’s boyfriend has exposed a viewer for allegedly trying to buy pictures of her feet using Bits, the site’s virtual currency.

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Twitch is a breeding ground for crazy and wacky goings-on, so it’s barely a surprise that a viewer was caught out trying to buy pictures of a streamer’s feet – to each their own, we guess.

During Megan ‘Jewel’ Jewel’s May 26th stream, her boyfriend exposed the guy, bursting into hysterics and shouting, “You think I would let a weirdo get away with that?!”

Instagram: jewel_xox
Jewel’s boyfriend called the viewer out during her livestream.

“That is a committing crime to my fellow Twitch community, alright?!” he continued while Jewel struggled to contain her amusement. “I’ll put you out there buddy, you paid 15,000 Bits for some feet.”

The pair erupt into fits of laughter as the boyfriend finishes with, “Go on Google and just Google feet!”

Being called out like that has to be super embarrassing for the viewer, but admittedly the situation is absolutely hilarious – we were dying at the boyfriend’s laugh.

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Twitch is a goldmine for the weird and wonderful

Because Twitch hosts a variety of different content, it’s no surprise that strange clips pop up all the time – but it is rare to see one this weird.

Popular Twitch star Alinity Divine was caught selling her underwear to a fan last year after she accidentally streamed her email screen in which the incriminating message was shown.

Viewers spotted an email from a male fan titled “I want to buy,” with the first few lines of text on show; “Hey Alinity, I hope you remember you sold me a leopard bra many years ago. I offered you very good money then and I wanted to ask if you like to…” with the rest of the message hidden.

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Alinity confirmed to the allegation in a Discord chat log posted to Twitter by Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, stating that she decided to start selling her underwear back in college because she was low on money, but admitted that it’s “fucking embarrassing” and she would never do it again.