Twitch streamer under fire for hateful comments about transgender community

WingsOfRedemption, YouTube / Ubisoft

Popular livestreaming platform Twitch, like many online communities, can be a haven for both positive change and negative interactions – one of which took place during a livestream held by content creator Jordie ‘WingsOfRedemption’ Jordan.

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Jordan was playing a game of Rainbow Six: Siege for his audience when the transgender community was brought up as a topic in the conversation, after a fellow player on the mic speculated that one of R6’s operators, Gridlock, was transgender.

“…It looks like a dude wearing makeup,” Jordan agreed. “There’s different levels of transgender. There’s ‘good’ trans and ‘bad’ trans.”

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UbisoftGridlock is one of Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operators, an offensive character capable of launching out barbed mats to trap opponents.

One of Jordan’s teammates appeared to call out his wildly problematic statement, laughingly asking, “What does that even mean?”

“Some transgender actually look like what they’re going for, while others look like a guy with a sailor tattoo and a beard with lipstick on,” Jordan continued.

His comments were backed up by another player in the group’s voice chat, who claimed that “All trans look the same to me, man.”

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This vitriol caused a stir online, with many viewers decrying Jordan’s statements on the subject across Reddit.

“I don’t know how people can defend this,” one commenter wrote of the debacle. “This is the equivalent of saying that being gay is sometimes bad, or a woman sometimes bad, or black sometimes bad. As in, you need to be the PROPER version of LGBT for it to be appropriate. This kind of filth needs to be cleaned from Twitch.”


“Epic yikes – and he will still have respect after this,” another said of the issue.

This wouldn’t be Jordan’s first problematic statement made on stream, by far; the streamer likewise claimed that he would “beat the shit” out of his future children during an episode of the PKA Podcast, should they ever come out as gay.

“Let me say this – if my kids grow up to be gay, I’m beating the shit out of ‘em,” Jordan said. “…look here, there’s two choices in life. You pretend or you’re straight, or I beat you to death.”

Jordan has yet to respond to the backlash from his latest statements.