Twitch streamer tries to sleep in a goat pen after hard day of work, but it doesn’t go well

Streamer sleeps in goat pen

A streamer working in an animal sanctuary tried to go to sleep in a pen full of goats, but was unsurprisingly kept up when they started biting their new guest.

The Alveus Sanctuary Twitch channel, which hosts livestreams of its animals to educate the public, allows volunteers to help out in the enclosures. It also encourages streamers and content creators to come and film there, as it promotes the sanctuary’s work to viewers.

One volunteer, named Connor, went live with a back-breaking twelve-hour livestream, which featured mucking out stables, feeding birds, and fixing equipment and enclosures.

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After he finished work, Connor set up a camp bed in an enclosure full of goats, and set up lights and the stream setup so that viewers could watch him try and get some sleep.Chan

However, the goats developed an interest in their new guest, and it wasn’t long before they started investigating Connor’s disturbance.

Despite his attempts to push the goats away, and pleas of “don’t bite my butt”, one of the goats climbed onto Connor’s camp bed and began repeatedly biting him.

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Another goat, named Kylie, approached Connor’s head and prodded him until he had an intense conversation with it.

Connor didn’t get much sympathy from the stream’s viewers, with one chatter saying: “I’m not surprised the goats bit him, he literally stole their bed??”

Another told Connor to “make space for the goats”.

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