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Twitch streamer struggles to hold back tears at fan-written song

Published: 13/Jan/2020 11:59 Updated: 13/Jan/2020 12:43

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer struggled to hold back tears after listening to a song a fan wrote for him live on stream.

Once one of the biggest Call of Duty YouTubers, WoodysGamertag has moved his gaming endeavors to Twitch in recent years and maintained a solid following in the process.

During his January 11 stream, a viewer sent Woody a $1 donation alongside a YouTube link, that took him to a song titled “Woody the Unexceptional” which – from the way he recognized the name of the creator – he has probably heard songs from before.

YouTube: WoodysGamerTagWoodysGamertag isn’t the name in Call of Duty he once was, but still regularly streams his gameplay to a loyal audience.

Woody proceeds to listen to the song (which is a comedic ode to himself), scrolling through the lyrics as it goes so he and his stream could fully appreciate the effort that went into it — and the witty lines that make up the song.


The song was littered with jokes about Woody and his content through the years, with the man himself laughing throughout at what his fans had been able to come up with.

It was only at the end, when the hook resounded for a final time, that you can see Woody get a bit misty-eyed, unable to find the words to explain how he was feeling after sniffling and wiping away the tears from under his glasses.

A simple chorus of “Woody the unexceptional” saw out the song and played an emotional backdrop as he struggled to hold back tears, simply saying “I can’t believe you made that.”


He goes on to say it was “really cool” and thanked the artist before deciding the time was right to end the stream, putting him out on a high for the evening.

WoodysGamertag isn’t the first streamer to have songs created just for him, as popular streamer Nymn recently created a song for Dr Disrespect, while the Doc himself also wrote a song for his opponents.