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Entertainment • Jun 19, 2019

Twitch streamer randomly discovers stranger hiding in IKEA closet

Twitch streamer randomly discovers stranger hiding in IKEA closet
Esfand, Twitter / WarmSleepy, Flikr

Twitch is a hive for hilarious and unexpected moments, thanks to the advent of IRL streaming - which caused one popular streamer to have an unexpected interaction with a stranger at an IKEA.


‘Esfand’ is a relatively popular streamer on Twitch, collaborating with other top creators on the platform and boasting over 217,000 followers as of June 18.

With Esfand’s popularity in mind, it comes as no surprise that his hilarious run-in with a stranger during a live stream quickly went viral across the net.


Esfand, Twitch
Esfand is a relatively popular streamer on Twitch, who ended up having a hilarious encounter with a fellow shopper at IKEA.

Esfand was in the middle of broadcasting his shopping trip to IKEA on June 18 when he decided to take a look inside the closets he was browsing, in order to better gauge exactly how much clothes he could fit inside the furniture.

However, one of these closets turned up more than just empty hangers - upon opening the door, Esfand was greeted by a young woman, who quickly explained that she was participating in a game of hide and seek.

“Oh - hello!” Esfand said, audibly surprised. “Wait - who are you?”

The woman placed a hand over mouth as if to shush him and responded, “I’m playing hide and seek with people!”


Unfortunately, Esfand’s discovery of the stranger ultimately ended with her losing the game, as her fellow players happened upon their interaction at just the right time.

This led to a pleasant conversation between the streamer and the strangers, who explained that it was their first time playing hide and seek in an IKEA - a sentiment that Esfand echoed, claiming that he was playing a game of hide and seek, as well.

A clip taken from Esfand’s interaction went viral across the internet, with commenters on sites like LiveStreamFails calling the stream “wholesome.”

Commenters across the net found Esfand's IKEA encounter "wholesome."

Esfand’s humorous stint in IKEA follows an awkward encounter with a fellow streamer in late April, who entreated Esfand for a sexual tryst - an invitation that he ultimately turned down.

His response to her prompt caught the attention of French porn star Manuel Ferrar, who appeared puzzled by his declination, even asking if the female streamer was hot during his comments on the matter.

It’s safe to say that Esfand’s IKEA encounter is significantly more “wholesome” than his uncomfortable invitation from a fellow streamer.

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