Twitch streamer rage quits Minecraft after Creepers decimate his base

Minecraft when one spawned in right behind him and exploded.

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With more and more streamers hopping onto the Minecraft bandwagon daily, it’s led to a lot of funny moments from players who are relatively new to the game.

SlikeR found himself in a very unfortunate position on August 25 as he tried to lure a Creeper out of his house, as he didn’t anticipate one spawning in behind him.

Reddit, u/VitaMint123There’s a lot to do in Minecraft, even Hunger Games if you’re up for it.
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The new Creeper caught him by surprise and exploded, creating a rather large hole in his house.

“Wait, let me lead him out. Come here. Come here,” he said as one exploded right behind him. “Where the hell did he come from? Where the hell did he come out from?”

Minecraft veterans know that Creepers can pop up at any moment and you have to be ready to defeat them before they dish out major damage.

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Things didn’t get better from there as the Creeper the streamer was trying to lure out exploded too, leaving another gaping hole in his house which led him to quickly exit the game.

He explained how that base took him two hours to make before the Creepers ruined everything in just a few seconds.

“I’m done with this shitty game dude, fuck,” SlikeR said right after he assessed the damage from two explosions.

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Creepers like to spawn in when you least expect them, especially when you’re in the dark like his house was with no windows or torches to light the way.

It’s definitely frustrating to see your hard work blown away in an instant by a Creeper who just seem like they come out of nowhere.

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However, one thing about Minecraft is once it has its claws in you, it’s hard to get them out so despite getting mad, it’ll always have you coming back.

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