Twitch streamer manhandled by drunken stranger on camera

Elliegato, Twitch / Freepik

As livestreaming sites like Twitch and Mixer grow in popularity, more and more users are streaming their daily activities for a live audience – sometimes capturing unpleasant moments as they unfold in real time.

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IRL Twitch streamer Ellie “elliegato” Li unfortunately captured one such moment during a live stream on August 14, as she broadcasted her night out in a Roppongi-based bar.

However, her night didn’t go uninterrupted: as she talked to her chat, a stranger approached her from behind and grabbed her shoulders, drunkenly slurring his speech while flipping off the camera.

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Elliegato, InstagramTwitch streamer “Elliegato” became a victim of harassment during a night out in a Tokyo-based bar.

“Oh, Jesus loves you,” the stranger sung, manhandling Li and dancing her around by her shoulders before finally apologizing.

That wasn’t the end of his antics, though: the stranger even kissed her hair after his apology, continuing to grab the streamer and attempting to get her to drink before finally leaving the scene.

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Li’s situation caught the attention of passersby, who she warned about the stranger as he made his exit.

“Yeah, he’s just groping everyone,” she said of the issue. “Might wanna curb him in a bit.”

The streamer was visibly shaken by the interaction, giving her drink a long look before taking her leave.

“I guess because those three girls left he’s got less people to attack, so I’m just gonna drink this and go,” she continued.

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Elliegato, TwitterElliegato’s night out was ruined by an overly handsy stranger.[ad name=”article4″]

The incident incited a wave of reactions from Li’s chat, with many viewers shocked and concerned for her safety as the interaction went down.

“TELL HIM TO FUCK OFF,” one user wrote.

“Bartenders will kick people out if you ask,” another said.

Elliegato, TwitchElliegato’s chat was collectively appalled at what was happening on screen.
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This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer has been harassed on camera, by far: the girlfriend of popular streamer “Jakenbake” was approached by a stranger asking to take her home during an August 13 broadcast, prompting a humorous response from Jake as the harasser entered a cab.

“I said, ‘Hey what’s up big brother, can I go home with you?’” Jake explained, going on to speculate that he was likely a regular at the karaoke club they’d just visited who had done such a thing before.

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No matter the situation, it is never okay to invade someone’s personal space without permission – a lesson that these strangers apparently missed.

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