Twitch streamer loses it after failing perfect OSU! run on final note again

Sam Comrie
Twitch: BMTC, Dean Herbert

Twitch streamer BTMC was on the verge of perfection, but his run of OSU! wasn’t meant to be as a crucial error unfolded that prompted him to lose his mind.

The rhythm game genre saw incredible heights in the mid-2000s. Every household had a Guitar Hero controller or a Rock Band drum-set. It didn’t matter what music you liked or how good you were at the game either, rhythm games brought people together in a unique way.

Thankfully, the genre remains active as more complex games have entered the market. OSU! is a free-to-play, browser-based experience that has been kicking around since 2007 and has become popular with esports athletes as a way to warm up.

Streamer BTMC has been mastering his dexterity for a while, but OSU! isn’t letting up just yet.

BMTC Rhythm Games OSU!
Activision, Gibson
Before OSU! came around, this was the tool of a rhythm master.

The ultimate blunder

BTMC’s reflexes aren’t to be undermined. Just one look at his gameplay and it’s clear the man is nearly unstoppable when it comes to speed. Diving into another intense round of OSU!, BTMC had been struggling with a particular run for some time. Everything was lining up for perfection and the cause of celebration was nearly in sight.

Unfortunately, the celebrations will have to be put on hold for a little longer.

Coming to the end of a fierce playthrough, BMTC couldn’t escape his previous blunder. Getting all the way to the last note, the taste of perfection was lost into the void as he failed to wrap up the song to the tee. “No f**king way!” the streamer blurted out as precious victory was lost before his eyes.

“How!” BMTC screamed as he returned to the camera. It just wasn’t in the cards on this occasion.

There is always tomorrow and we’re sure we’ll see the streamer triumph into the rhythm hall of fame sometime in the near future.