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Twitch streamer left in stitches as poodle steals the show & her sweater

Published: 13/Jan/2020 10:55

by Andy Williams


Twitch streamer KelseyLioness’ Miniature Poodle, Milo, stole the show in an adorable run of events that had her chat in hysterics.

Twitch has expanded its horizons as a broadcasting platform in recent times, with the ‘Just Chatting’ section proving extremely popular among the masses. 

Whether it’s watching your favorite streamer catch-up on the latest news or simply becoming engrossed in a debate, Just Chatting offers something for everyone. But it seems that one dog, in particular, wants to take things up a notch. 

Kelsey Lioness (Flickr)KelseyLioness’ Miniature Poodles, Milo (L) and Luna (R).

After grinding Overwatch for over three hours, Kelsey retired to the Just Chatting section of Twitch, where she decided to review some popular TikToks. 

However, her mischievous Miniature Poodle, Milo, decided that enough was enough as they soon became the main attraction. 

Milo climbed onto Kelsey’s lap before quickly scurrying under her cardigan. Although the playful pup wasn’t done there, as he ventured up her sleeve.  

“What are you doing?” Kelsey laughed. “Stop it, you’re going to get stuck… Milo, why?” the streamer yelled as she was seemingly splitting her sides. 

Kelsey was forced to remove her arm from the sleeve, which allowed Milo to complete his quest as his head popped out of the other end — with a sense of pride gleaming from his face.

KelseyLioness’ Twitch chat lapped up Milo’s antics, as they spammed the ‘LULs’ and custom emotes, while Luna looked on completely bewildered by her fellow pooch’s accomplishment.

This isn’t the first time a Twitch streamer’s pet has taken center stage. Heck, even recently, Immortal’s Samoyed pup went viral for demanding to be petted.

Nonetheless, Milo was clearly full of beans and just wanted his Twitch’s attention. Perhaps Milo and Luna will feature in the stream more regularly moving forward. 


Twitch bans another streamer for “inappropriate” username after a year

Published: 21/Nov/2020 11:11

by Calum Patterson


Following two previous bans that were overturned as ‘mistakes’, yet another Twitch streamer has been suspended from the platform indefinitely due to what Twitch calls an inappropriate username.

Earlier in November, we covered the cases of two streamers, Piece_of_Sheet and Pajja_, because the names were apparently a violation of their community guidelines.

However, both of these bans were later overturned, with Twitch admitting in both instances that they had made a mistake.

One streamer who has not yet had their ban overturned, despite holding the username for a year and a half, is “itsbrittneyb1tch.” Brittney was banned on November 6, and has appealed, but has had no response from the platform.

Twitch ban offensive name
Twitch rolled out a handful of bans for offensive usernames in November.

Brittney had even reached affiliate status, all while using the username, before Twitch appeared to take a hard stance on usernames. Rather than giving streamers a chance to change their names, seemingly permanent bans have been meted out.

“They gave me zero warning, just an email saying I was banned,” Brittney told Dexerto. “I did put a support ticket in, but still no response. I love streaming, it’s a huge part of my life and now I’m unable to even support friends on Twitch as I’m not allowed on there while I’m banned.”

Twitch’s guidelines on usernames state “We have active measures to prevent and takedown accounts created for the purposes of abuse, including the use of hateful, abusive, or threatening terms in usernames.”

Presumably, Brittney has been banned for the use of ‘b1tch’, but considering how long she had held the name, and that she was a Twitch affiliate, it’s surprising Twitch never took action against it earlier – if it wasn’t a mistake.

Understandably, due to the other streamers who have their bans overturned for similar username issues, Brittney is hoping Twitch will look into her situation and notice an error.

The other streamers who were banned, Piece_of_Sheet and Pajja_, have taken different approaches after getting their account back. The former has kept his username as it was previously, while Pajja_ changed it to avoid any further issues. Twitch allows channels to freely change usernames.

Also surprising is that Brittney’s appeal still hasn’t been responded to, almost a full month after the ban took place. In their email, Twitch says the decision will only be reversed upon successful appeal – but whether her appeal has even been read or not is unknown.

As she still doesn’t have her account back, Brittney is instead attempting to moving to stream on YouTube. Brittney told Dexerto that she was trying to make Twitch part of her income, but this is now, of course, impossible.