Twitch streamer Knut kicked out of TwitchCon Europe for streaming

Mystixx / Twitch

TwitchCon Europe is currently underway in Berlin, Germany, a country whose broadcasting laws require streamers to purchase a license before going live – but these laws weren’t responsible for one confusing debacle that went down at the event.

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Popular Twitch streamer and bodybuilder ‘Knut’ was attending the convention when he was removed from the premises, later claiming that he didn’t know why he had been kicked out.

“No one said anything,” Knut said of the issue on ‘Mystixx’s’ stream shortly after being expunged from the venue. “They just took four security guards. I couldn’t get my things, they wouldn’t speak to me. They just said that I had to leave.”

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Why was Knut kicked out of TwitchCon EU?

However, investigation later revealed that Knut’s stream allegedly had been taken over by fellow streamer ‘Sliker’ in the venue’s partner lounge for an approximate two-minute period – leading staff to take action against both streamers for the offense, as Sliker isn’t partnered with the platform and had gone live in a non-streaming area.

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That’s not the only measure staff took, either; according to some commenters, streaming was later banned on the entire floor due to the incident, prompting a heated conversation on the matter across Reddit as to the morality of the debacle and the clarity of rules throughout the convention.

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“Weird way to treat your partners/affiliates,” one user wrote. “It was a misunderstanding and not completely his fault. I gotta say, the way Twitch treats their streamers overall is pretty questionable.”

Commenters across Reddit took issue with TwitchCon’s expulsion of Knut, with some asking for greater clarity in regards to broadcasting rules.

“I can see that they want designated areas where streaming is not allowed but maybe enforce the same rules from the beginning,” another said. “They know people are gonna wanna live stream so maybe put up signs to make it clear.”

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Streaming difficulties at TwitchCon EU

Knut wasn’t the only streamer to get shut down at the event; popular streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell was forced to end his stream after broadcasting in the partner lounge, as well as Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, who was asked to discontinue broadcasting while merely walking down a hallway outside of the lounge.

Aside from these confusing punishments, TwitchCon EU was also targeted by angry fans due its strict policy on outside food and drink, who noted that water at the venue cost a whopping 3.50€ – with a 1€ deposit for a refillable, plastic cup.

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