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Entertainment • May 29, 2019

Twitch streamer involved in horror car crash while broadcasting tornado chase

Twitch streamer involved in horror car crash while broadcasting tornado chase
staffsgtkiba / Unsplash

Twitch streamer staffsgtkiba was involved in a frightening car accident when he lost control of his vehicle and rolled a number of times while chasing a tornado in Missouri.


Parts of the United States, including Kansas and Ohio, were hit by devastating tornadoes on May 28, causing huge damage to homes and businesses.

Broadcasting live on Twitch, streamer staffsgtkiba chased the storm, losing control of his vehicle during heavy rainfall while following the tornado.


Staffsgtkiba was driving across a bridge when the car appeared to start hydroplaning due to the large amount of rainwater sitting on the surface of the road. The vehicle immediately spun out of control, heading straight for a concrete barrier with the driver helpless to stop the impending crash.


While it’s difficult to follow what happened in the moments following his collision with the wall, staffsgtkiba later confirmed on stream that hitting the concrete barrier didn’t stop the car, but that his “vehicle rolled two times after that.”

Following the accident, staffsgtkiba posted an image of the car after the crash in his public Discord server, showing the extent of the damage, specifically to the front and roof of the vehicle.

Staffsgtkiba's car was totalled following the accident.

Amazingly, staffgtkiba wasn't seriously injured after the crash, and he even returned to streaming Apex Legends when he got home.

Giving viewers an update on his condition and injuries, the streamer stated: “[I'm] bruised. Well, not too many bruises, just my shoulder and side where the seatbelt was touching. Nothing broken, nothing sprained, just a little bit of blood from my hands. All in all, still in good health.”

Storm chasers often follow dangerous weather events in attempts to gather information on their size, ferocity, and path, or out of sheer curiosity and sense of adventure. With the severity of the weather conditions these chasers face, it’s an extremely dangerous undertaking, as staffsgtkiba found out.

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