Twitch streamer gets too excited, slices hand open with sword

. 3 years ago
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An OldSchool Runescape streamer who was hosted by another Twitch channel accidentally sliced his finger open with a katana sword while celebrating in excitement.

For smaller Twitch streamers, getting hosted by a big channel can see a huge influx of viewers visit your broadcast, which is often an exciting moment for those who find themselves thrust into the path of another streamer’s audience.

It appears one streamer got a little too excited though, slicing open his finger with a katana blade moments after the host took place.

A katana is a traditional Japanese sword.

Streamer gets too excited when hosted on Twitch

According to people who claim to have been watching the streamer while it happened, the Old School Runescape player was streaming his gameplay, when he suddenly found himself getting hosted by another broadcaster.

Presumably attempting to celebrate the moment, the Twitch streamer, whose name is believed to be CloudWizard can be seen reaching for a katana blade which was sitting off camera, grabbing it and pulling it towards him.

While the original clip and broadcast have been deleted, in a mirror video we can see him tilt the katana’s sheath, causing the traditional Japanese sword to fall out of its cover and towards the ground. In an attempt to save it, the streamer reached down and grabbed it with his left hand.

Warning: The clip below features graphic images of the wound.

Somehow remaining relatively serene just moments after dealing a horrible injury to himself, CloudWizard showed off his finger, which was covered in blood and had a deep gash down the center to his audience, calmy saying: “I just cut my finger boys. I just cut my fucking finger bad guys. “

Holding his hand, he then attempts to leave the room, struggling to open the door with his injured finger.

The clip, and the broadcast it’s from have both been removed, but a user on Reddit claiming to be his stepfather informed interested users that “this is what happens when you take your dad’s weapons not realizing it’s real. He’s doing fine and ended up getting 11 stitches.

“He’s pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. He still gets shit for being a dumbass though.”

A user claiming to be CloudWizard’s father stated the streamer was “pretty embarrassed.”

If there is a morale to be learned from this story, it’s likely that celebrating a momentous moment on Twitch is probably best done without a massive, and deadly sharp, blade. Otherwise, you may end up in the emergency room like this poor soul.

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