Twitch streamer freaks out after accidentally drinking dish soap - Dexerto

Twitch streamer freaks out after accidentally drinking dish soap

Published: 19/Mar/2020 6:56

by Brad Norton


Popular variety streamer ‘Masayoshi’ could not help but freak out after accidentally drinking dish soap at the beginning of a recent Twitch broadcast.

While Twitch often leads to countless heartfelt or amusing moments, streamers also provide a fair share of deeply regrettable and embarrassing highlights.

From  jumpscares to “insensitive comments,” there’s no escaping the shame when a camera is sharing experiences live to thousands of fans. In the latest unfortunate accident, Masayoshi was left with quite a foul taste in his mouth.

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Simply chatting with a few of his 57,000 followers that were tuned in during a March 18 broadcast, the streamer was taking his time and settling in before loading up for some Warzone action. As you do, he took an innocent sip of his drink.


“Why does this taste like soap?” he asked out of the blue while drinking out of a shaker bottle. Staring at the liquid inside with his jaw now wide-open, the streamer couldn’t believe that he was actually drinking from a bottle filled with dish soap.

“I’m drinking f***ing dish soap,” he amusingly repeated before lifting the lid and holding his bottle up the camera, unveiling the suds that filled it to the brim.

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“I put the supplement in it, I grabbed this from the side of the sink and I forgot that I put soap in it,” he explained, staring at his foamy cup.


All the while, Twitch chat exploded into a wave of laughter and confusion as the realization started to sink in. A new term was even coined in the moment as his loyal viewers began to spam ‘Soap Boy’ ad nauseum. 

“I’m drinking dish soap and I still don’t think this is my peak stupidity. I’m a f***ing idiot,” he added, half laughing at himself, half shocked.

Wikimedia commons
Have you ever made the mistake of drinking soap, let alone on camera for the world to see?

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Standing up from his desk and walking out of the room in shame, the streamer played some comical music to underscore the hilarity of the situation.

While this certainly might take the cake as the most embarrassing moment caught on-stream for this popular personality, Masayoshi has made headlines in the past for some insane gaming accomplishments.