Twitch streamer floored after hilarious jumpscare breaks their chair - Dexerto

Twitch streamer floored after hilarious jumpscare breaks their chair

Published: 19/Mar/2020 23:15

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch is known for being a hive of unexpected and outrageous content — but one streamer took the cake (and bit the dust) thanks to a humorously bungled reaction to a popular horror game.

Horror games are popular picks on Twitch, due to the excessive reactions they draw from both streamers and their viewers for their scary moments.

While plenty of broadcasters have shrieked and lost their minds over particularly frightening games, player “Jervey” had a different kind of reaction, entirely — all thanks to a faulty piece of furniture.

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Twitch streamer “Jervey” was in the middle of playing “Layers of Fear” when the game sent him a serious jumpscare that threw a monkey wrench into his broadcast.

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The streamer was in the middle of playing popular horror title ‘Layers of Fear 2’ when he turned his character around, only to find a shadow quickly crossing his field of view while a loud noise sounded off — a classic jumpscare tactic.


It seems that Jervey isn’t above falling for such schemes — literally — as he tumbled to the floor and out of frame of the camera as the jumpscare happened.

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As it turns out, the broadcaster’s chair had broken at that exact moment, although whether it was due to him jumping out of his skin over the game or just the chair defying physics remains to be seen.

Jervey quickly retrieved his camera to assess the damage, showing that the left two legs of his chair had completely broken off from its seat.

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After seeming to make an attempt at piecing the chair back together, he went ‘afk’ for a moment, before returning to his stream and explaining the situation.


“You know what the best part of me breaking my chair was?” he laughed after retrieving another chair from his kitchen. “I just… dropped on camera.”

This isn’t the first time a streamer has bit the dust during a broadcast, either; popular streamer “Quad Banger” likewise fell out of his seat during a February livestream, but found the situation so hilarious that he couldn’t stop laughing after eating it on camera.

No matter the case, streaming slip-ups always make for good content — especially when they involve dysfunctional pieces of furniture.