Twitch streamer faints and smashes head on keyboard after getting too hype

GingerBeardie faints on twitchTwitch/GingerBeardie

A Twitch streamer left his fans very worried after passing out and slamming his head on his keyboard after getting a little too excited playing RuneScape.

It’s not exactly rare for streamers to get very hyped up during their broadcasts, but a recent incident was quite concerning after RuneScape streamer GingerBeardie literally passed out after completing a difficult task.

During a recent stream, GingerBeardie was going after the infernal cape, a prize awarded to old-school RuneScape players who have completed the Inferno.

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The Inferno is an uber difficult 69 wave marathon that has crushed many a player and nearly did just that to GingerBeardie. After a dozen attempts to finally accomplish the feat, the streamer’s celebration ultimately drained him to the core.

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RuneScape streamer passes out after getting too excited

Once the Inferno was finally completed, GingerBeardie roared with excitement and raised his arm in triumph, only for his world to come crumbling down.

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“Yes! Let’s f**king go man. I’m f**king done with this f**king sh*thole place man. I swear to god, I’m f**king done, I ain’t f**king coming back! I ain’t never coming back,” he exclaimed.

Right as his victory speech concluded, the streamer’s head collapsed onto his keyboard and remind still for over twenty seconds before finally beginning to stir.

Once he woke up, the streamer held his head and told his team that he wasn’t even capable of celebrating any longer.

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“I literally just smashed my f**king head,” he said. However, it didn’t take long for the Twitch streamer to once again realize his accomplishment and fist-pumped once more. “We got the f**king cape!”

For his part, GingerBeardie has been a good sport about the whole incident, even joking on Twitter that the Windows Key has been imprinted on his forehead for life.

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