Twitch streamer criticized after blasting “ugly chatters” telling her to play a game

Jill "MISSPBJ" during her livestream on TwitchTwitch: MISSPBJ

Twitch streamer Jill ‘MISSPBJ’ has been flooded with criticism following a heated exchange with a chatter who suggested that she should play a game or react to something.

MISSPBJ has 175,000 followers on Twitch, almost all of which she gathered via streaming in the “Just Chatting” category, where she has spent over 90% of her streaming career.

In the middle of a January 28 livestream, one chatter suggested that Jill should “play a game” or “react” (presumably to videos). In response, the streamer said: “I hope that you get ran over”.

Jill then went on to explain that she is tired of viewers asking, requesting, and dictating what type of content she should create on her stream.

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While this streamer doesn’t archive her broadcasts, various clips have been saved, such as this one.

MISSPBJ criticized for her comments against a chatter

The full conversation was also shared on Twitter, where community members flooded in with their reactions.

After the initial comment Jill continued: “Dude shut the f**k up, like, I’m tired. I’m tired of you ugly chatters. Like I’m actually annoyed. ‘Play a game’, do I look like a b***h that plays a game?”

“She really tried to cross as many lines as possible in such a brief amount of time,” commented one user.

Jake Lucky himself seemed to be siding with people criticizing her, captioning his tweet “these streamers can’t be real.”

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But at the same time, other people came to MISSPBJ’s defense, alluding to the fact that someone from her chat tried to control what kind of content she puts out on her own live stream.

“I mean she’s got a few solid points,” admitted one user. Back up by another vote of confidence saying: “She’s spitting facts.”