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Twitch streamer banned after being gifted subs with allegedly stolen credit card

Published: 27/Aug/2019 22:48 Updated: 27/Aug/2019 22:53

by Virginia Glaze


Thanks to the popularity of livestreaming sites like League of Legends streamer “ShugiiKage” is one such personality, who allegedly got hit with the ban hammer after being gifted subscriptions and bits from a malicious user.

Twitch allows fans to support their favorite streamers in a myriad of ways, by subscribing, directly donating, or even gifting subscriptions to other viewers, as well as using bits as a means to donate money in smaller amounts.

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TwitchTwitch bits allow viewers to support their favorite streamers in more affordable ways, with one bit equaling around 1 cent.

However, Shugii was banned after receiving these donations – a fact she claims was brought about by a donator who’d stolen a credit card.


Shugii posted a screenshot of an email sent by Twitch on August 26, which showed that she had been indefinitely banned from the platform for “committing purchase fraud,” with her account “suspended at our discretion and without notice.”

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Shugii called out Twitch in her post on the subject, claiming that she was being punished for the actions of a credit card thief.

“I think it’s so crazy how I can be indefinitely suspended from Twitch because a random person decided to target me and gift subs and bits that were probably used with a stolen card,” she wrote. “….I feel like it should be so easy to prove it wasn’t me, and that I’ve just been targeted by some random stranger who had nothing better to do but to ruin my stream.”


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While the streamer has yet to make another statement on the matter, her account has since been restored at the time of writing – likely a relief for both Shugii and her fanbase of over 1,600 followers on the platform.

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Shugii’s post saw ample backlash against Twitch, who have come under fire in recent months due to a scandal surrounding streamer Alinity Divine, after not receiving a ban from the site despite throwing her cat over her head during a July 18 stream.

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In spite of the backlash, Shugii’s account has since been restored – although an exact reason for her ban has yet to be released in light of the alleged credit card fraud.