Twitch streamer accused of “obviously aimbotting” in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett

A number of Apex Legends players and Twitch viewers are fiercely debating whether one streamer is using “obvious” aim hacks during his broadcasts or not.

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Apex Legends released back on February 4 to much acclaim as Respawn Entertainment took their Titanfall universe and put a battle royale spin on things. The game was an immediate success, racking up 50 million players inside the first month.

However, with such a huge player base and the game drawing massive attention on Twitch, some players have opted to hack in a bid to get a leg up. Respawn have already banned an eye-watering amount of players, but new cheats still pop up and slip under the radar.

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Respawn EntertainmentPlayers have found new ways to cheat whenever Respawn strikes down certain exploits.

Cheaters can regularly found with exploits like wall-hacks and aimbots, which clearly gives them a massive advantage. Twitch streamer bjerrehusdk is now being accused of joining that long list of cheaters as some viewers accused him of utilizing an exploit. 

Viewers noticed something strange about his June 4 stream, as bjerrehusdk hit long-range shots with such incredible accuracy that it would put him on par with top players like NRG’s Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows.

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It wasn’t just one instance that sent the alarm bells ringing, though. The streamer carried on his incredible accuracy during a gunfight in the Bridge Valley area – tracking players movements with pinpoint precision.

*Clip deleted*

As clips of evidence began to pile up against the streamer, he responded with thinly veiled sarcasm when one viewer asked him to share his hack: “I can’t give you the name of my hack, sorry guys.” 

He added: “I’m not sharing,” before a voice in the background, perhaps one of his in-game teammates, jokingly offered to share their hack with players.

*Clip deleted*

Redditors debate cheating or not cheating

Some members of the LivestreamFails subreddit, which amasses clips from Twitch, accused the streamer of “obviously aimbotting” when the highlights came to their attention. One Redditor made a plea to the livestreaming platform, commenting: “Hey twitch staff! We know you lurk this sub. Ban this obvious cheater.”

Another poster, beliving the player was hacking, questioned why streamers choose to stream with hacks. “Why would he stream that? What is the thought process?” they added. 

However, it wasn’t all negative for the streamer as some commenters jumped to his defense. User intoss kicked off a long paragraph of support by posting: “I came into this clip expecting blatant cheats, but honestly after watching and rewatching plenty of times, it just looks like a good player.”

Another poster, /u/TehICii, added to the defensive stance, stating: “Came here to say exactly this. This guy is not “obviously” aimbotting,” before explaining that they’ve hit similar shots despite not being a “good player.”

Will bjerrehusdk be banned from Twitch or Apex Legends?

As of writing on June 6, bjerrehusdk’s Twitch channel remains active. Hacking on stream is against Twitch’s terms of use, so if the platform investigates the matter and deems the streamer guilty of aimbotting, he will likely face a lengthy suspension.

However, with no concrete evidence to suggest that the player is anything less than a skilled aimer, it seems unlikely that his channel will face any bans, temporary or permanent, for the time being.

Respawn are constantly detecting new cheats so anyone that is hacking runs the risk of having their Apex Legends account shut down.