Twitch Partner criticizes algorithm after gifted subs go to troll accounts

by Eli Becht


Twitch Partner 'AnEternalEnigma' condemned the algorithm after seeing numerous troll accounts get a gifted sub, despite the streaming giant saying that shouldn't happen.

Viewers on Twitch have the option to gift subs at random to a streamer's community which are supposed to prioritize viewers and those who are active in the broadcaster's circle.

However, AnEternalEnigma found out the hard way this isn't always the case as he claims the algorithm led to numerous troll accounts created in 2015 to receive the subs instead.

Viewers are able to gift subs in bulk on Twitch.

"Yo, @Twitch @TwitchSupport, let's talk," he tweeted on August 17. "Last night, a very generous viewer gifted 100 subs at the start of my stream. Unfortunately, your algorithm ignored non-subs who came to my stream early and instead gifted a lot of troll accounts someone made to harass me in September 2015."

In most cases, gifting subs will actively hand out subs to viewers present in the channel first, before going into the list of followers.

On top of this, Enigma claims he's had viewers come in who have never visited the channel before wondering why they've been gifted a sub.

"But back on topic, the algorithm for community gift subs has gotten out of control," he tweeted. "I've had people come in lately asking why they got a gift sub to my channel because they aren't following me. Meanwhile, loyal viewers in chat without a sub get ignored. More transparency please."

He made it clear that these accounts were banned after the fact, which is how they were able to get gifted subs in the first place. 

Enigma also touches on how tough it was to see the accounts show up again after all these years, as one of them was about his deceased father.

"Not only that, but it was disheartening to see all of these accounts show up in my chat again, specifically the one regarding my deceased father," he tweeted. "Also, thanks for totally ignoring all the reports I filed on these accounts back in 2015 too I guess? This should have never happened."

Twitch has been under heavy criticism for much of 2019 whether it's showing porn in the Artifact directory, or promoting NSFW content on Ninja's old channel.

With Mixer now becoming a more formidable rival, it could lead to better experiences for streamers all around.