Twitch apparently bans users for referring to ‘Nagas’ in WoW

Twitch / Blizzard

Multiple Twitch users have come forward, claiming that they have been banned for typing in chat about World of Warcraft: Classic NPC’s, known as Nagas.

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The release of World of Warcraft: Classic beta has seen a huge spike in viewership on Twitch for the game and many streamers have been eager to play the MMORPG.

In one of the most recent cases of TOS violations, Twitch users have come forward to claim that they were banned from the livestreaming platform for referring to a race of World of Warcraft NPC’s called ‘Nagas’, while typing in chat.

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Blizzard EntertainmentWorld of Warcraft Classic has been incredibly popular since its initial release in 2004
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The situation is believed to have started following a clip of Savix_Tv, in which he explains “I got my gun out and shot that Naga”.

After being shown the clip by his viewers, Savix responded by explaining that the clip looks worse out of context: “that’s out of context dude.”

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Although Savix himself was not banned by Twitch, other users on livestreaming site are claiming to have been affected by using the term ‘Naga’ in chat.

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There have been multiple users showing notices from Twitch about them receiving indefinite suspensions for apparently referring to the “Nagas” in WoW.

Update, 5:34AM EST, June 9: Twitch streamer DisguisedToast has labelled the claims “disingenuous”, showing that the users who were banned appeared to use the word ‘Naga’ as a substitute for a racial slur in chat.

Twitch will always shut down any activity that they deem to violate their terms of service, although they can sometimes get it wrong, as was seen with TF Blade’s ban which was quickly overturned when made public.

As of now, it is unclear if Twitch will revert these indefinite suspensions or what impact this may have for future streamers playing World of Warcraft on stream, if the term Naga is indeed being flagged.

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Last updated June 9, 5:34AM EST.