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Entertainment • Jun 26, 2019

TSM Myth surprises viewers with perfect xQc impression

TSM Myth surprises viewers with perfect xQc impression

Twitch streamer Ali 'Myth' Kabbani might be better known for his Fortnite skills than his impressions, but when challenged to impersonate fellow streamer xQc, he got it almost spot on.


Felix 'xQc' Lengyel was previously a professional Overwatch player, until controversy struck and he was released by the Dallas Fuel, only to become one of the biggest names on Twitch.

His following is more than just loyal Overwatch fans, as his excitable personality and always speaking his mind have made him a bona fide entertainer, as well as a skilled player.


xQc, Instagram
The former Overwatch pro xQc has a distinctive voice and accent.

Myth, who similarly gained fame for his Fortnite skills but proved to be every bit an entertainer as well, is clearly a fan of Lengyel, having perfected an impression of his way of speaking.

After a viewer challenged Myth to pull out his xQc party trick, the TSM member immediately got into character, explaining: "I can actually do xQc, I've got to like stutter a little bit. I've got to get into it."

Perfectly capturing xQc's accent, overuse of the word 'like', and his signature breakneck speed of talking, Myth mocked his fellow streamer's hate for Fortnite in particular. "I cannot believe, like, literally, people are making millions of fucking dollars playing this children's game bro!" he said. 


Although at first uncanny, it didn't take long before xQc's French-Canadian accent slipped into something else entirely - "oh, that was way too Irish."

The streamer even joked about xQc's recent transition away from playing Overwatch, even opting to play Epic Games' popular battle royale title instead, saying: "Overwatch doesn't get the views anymore."

Myth and xQc both enjoyed a massively successful 2018 and continue to grow in 2019, seeing their followers and viewers shoot up. With the booming popularity of Fortnite, though, Myth's ascension to the top of Twitch was even grander - now boasting over 5 million followers, only the fourth streamer to achieve such a number, after Ninja, shroud and Tfue.

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