TSM CEO calls OpTic a “dead brand” amid feud with Di3sel

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Team SoloMid CEO Andy Dinh made some strong comments about OpTic Gaming during a public spat with longtime member Mike ‘Di3sel’ Carr. 

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In today’s world of ultra-competitive esports, it’s not uncommon for rival organizations to butt heads in a public forum like social media.

What is uncommon, however, is when top and prominent members of said organizations decide to take things a step further and start taking personal shots at each other.

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Such was the case when Dinh, known as Reginald on Twitter, and Di3sel became embroiled in a vicious public feud, stemming from an apparent incident between the two that had taken place at a party on June 10.

Di3sel was the first to strike, posting a GIF of a laughing man in an attempt to mock the TSM CEO, who replied to the tweet with a pretty shocking statement, calling the OpTic man a “has been,” and their organization a “dead brand.”

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Despite being deleted shortly after posting, Dinh’s reply caught a lot of people’s attention, since it’s not everyday that the top member of any esports org calls OpTic a dead brand.

In an effort to provide damage control, he posted a followup tweet giving context to the incident that Di3sel had initially been referring to.

“Your friend was drunk and aggressive,” he wrote. “She spilled alcohol on us, but instead yelled at us. Most people who spill drinks on others generally apologize. Don’t think you should blindly defend your friend publicly and call me out to cause drama without giving context.”

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“Brother, I don’t call people out ever,” Di3sel replied. “But if you’re going to flex on some shit, better believe. I know for a fact she wasn’t aggressive. She is passive af [as f*ck]You trying to flex some shit is some bullshit.”


The OpTic man did not stop there, continuing to take shots at the TSM CEO and giving him a warning that the Green Wall would be out for revenge.

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“Pray we don’t get our shit back so you can keep mouthing off and flexing you ‘should, woulda, coulda,'” he tweeted.


What Di3sel was likely referring to in his warning was the possibility that OpTic Gaming will no longer be featuring in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, after recent reports surfaced that their org has been bought out by Immortals Gaming Club, who would take control of the LoL team and rebrand it. 

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Dinh has not responded to the latest few tweets against him, and we will continue to bring you the latest on this feud if he does indeed reply. 

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