Tourist horrified after spotting three-meter snake in hotel swimming pool

Tourist horrified after spotting three-meter snake in hotel swimming poolTIKTOK: elisabethelektra

A British tourist staying in Thailand went viral on TikTok after spotting a three-meter-long snake in her hotel swimming pool.

Content creator Elisabeth Elektra took to TikTok to share a video of the enormous critter as it swam around the pool, which was lit up by color-changing lights.

“I’m on holiday in Thailand and there is a 12 foot snake in the swimming pool,” she wrote over the video, which has garnered 773,000 views.

The clip then showed a staff member at the resort eyeing up the large snake, before waving over colleagues for backup.

Another employee could then be seen using a tiny net to retrieve the creature, which lashed back when they touched it.

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However, staff were eventually successful in fishing out the snake, as the video continued: “The hotel staff moved it to safety, one of them stroked its head as they moved it to reassure it.”

In the comments, horrified TikTok users swore off visiting Thailand upon seeing the 12-foot creature.

“Yep, looks like I’m not going to Thailand,” one wrote. “Officially deleted from my holiday list,” another agreed.

“Welp guess I’ll never visit Thailand now,” a third said.

Others, however, were more welcoming towards the snake.

“Unless there is a sign that says ‘No snakes allowed,’ I don’t see any problem,” one user commented.

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“Well, she or he just came to say welcome to Thailand and say hi to you, wish you a nice stay,” another one wrote.

“Special complimentary show from hotel, hope you enjoy,” a third joked.

Another poked fun at the hotel staff’s efforts to get rid of the snake, asking, “What on earth is that little net meant to do.”

This is just the latest large animal to take over TikTok, after a terrifying giant octopus left viewers freaking out.