Tinder announces new $499 monthly subscription plan and the internet has lost it

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Tinder has announced a new premium option for subscriptions known as Tinder Select, a plan that costs $499 a month and has the internet losing it.

Dating in modern times can be quite a challenging task. With the introduction of the internet and mobile phones, folks have become less likely to hit up bars and clubs with the hope of meeting a special someone. That’s why we’ve seen a bunch of dating apps crop up over the years, all promising users hot available singles for dates and other less safe for work activities.

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However, even dating apps have their own set of issues, making them far from the perfect place to meet the one. Whether that be the harassment that some users experience or the ghosting behaviors that have cropped up as a result, it’s not quite as easy as you’d think.

One of the biggest complaints some users have with dating apps is the low amount of likes or matches they receive while using them. Now, top dating app Tinder has revealed a new subscription plan that may be the solution to this ever-growing issue.

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Twitter has announced a new plan called Tinder Select. Priced at around $499 USD a month, this plan is designed for Tinder users willing to fork out their rent payments in order to find someone. In fact, the program is so selective that users will need to meet certain criteria, send in an application, and then be accepted to join.

The Select subscription does offer a bunch of benefits in return. This includes the ability to message before matching, have their profile unblurred in other users’ likes page, and also receive a special badge to notify others that they’re the real deal.

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As expected, the internet was not too keen on spending half a grand a month on a Tinder subscription and responded in kind, memeing on the decision out of the gate.

“$499 just to meet a deadbeat guy? Nah” one user questioned.

“Paying 500$ monthly just so shorty can put your contact as ‘free food’” another joked.

With the immediate backlash following the announcement, it’s unclear just how many Tinder users are eager to opt into the program. We’ll just have to wait and see if the Team at Tinder sends this idea back to the kitchen.

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