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Timelapse shows incredible makeover as streamer cleans room for first time in 14 years

Published: 26/Jun/2019 12:22 Updated: 26/Jun/2019 13:44

by David Purcell


Twitch streamer has decided to finally turn his life around and clean their bedroom, after piling up trash right next to the PC since 2005. 

An extraordinary timelapse video of the room transformation has surfaced on YouTube, after the terrible state of his gaming setup went viral on June 3 – potentially forcing him to take action.


Since then, the gamer – who goes by the name of Jaegerrmeister on Twitch – has decided to ditch his messy antics and get rid of the clutter pile that once prevented him from seeing his own floor. 

Jaegerrmeister, TwitchJaegerrmeister had empty packets dating back years stacked up in his room.

What was once stacks and stacks of Amazon boxes, food wrappers, and even cooking pans scattered across the bedroom floor, has now been restored to a much cleaner space. 


The Twitch streamer showed fans exactly what he was doing when he broadcasted the deep cleaning exercise on his channel, and even reacted to the massive change in his life on stream. 

When talking about the huge revamp of his room, Jaegerrmeister revealed how he felt before making the decision to start the big clean, and it seems to be a big weight off of his shoulders. 

“Honestly, it feels really fucking good,” the streamer revealed. “I was super fucking like ‘uh, it’s going to be fucking whatever. I won’t feel that much better.’ I thought it was boredom.”


He added: “Back before I cleaned my room when there was nothing to do, I thought it was boredom but it was me being depressed or whatever. It feels a lot fucking better dude.”

Clearly delighted by the turnaround, Jaegerrmeister’s fans will be hoping that he doesn’t leave the next major clear-out of his room’s rubbish for another 14 years. 

Yet, based on how much better he feels having removed the clutter, it’s unlikely that he’ll go back to his old ways. 


Neekolul and 100T’s JhbTeam sit down for world’s most awkward interview

Published: 16/Oct/2020 19:52 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 20:15

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star and 100 Thieves member ‘Neekolul’ sat down for an interview with the org’s intern, ‘JhbTeam,’ resulting in one of the most hilariously awkward pieces of internet content we’ve seen yet.

Neekolul skyrocketed to fame earlier this year after her “Okay Boomer” TikTok took off across social media, becoming a viral sensation almost overnight.


Since then, Neekolul — real name Nicole — has solidified herself among the elite of the net’s content creators, and has signed with none other than esports giant 100 Thieves in yet another huge move.

The organization has since started a new interview series with its intern, JhbTeam, whose unique style resulted in a downright hilarious conversation between himself and Neekolul for its pilot episode.


The first video in the series, titled “TBH with JHB,” tasked Neekolul with answering a series of awkward questions, such as: “How does it feel to have this much of a following on a platform?”

Neekolul’s forthcoming answer was something that no one expected: “It’s cool. You know, you can say almost anything and someone’s gonna like your tweet. You could say like, ‘I like to eat s**t,’ and people are like, ‘Yeah!’”

However, Neeko didn’t have an answer for “Why do you have a boyfriend?” leaving Jhb giving her an humorously intense staredown as she scrambled to address the random question.


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That being said, Neeko was totally down to turn the tables and ask Jhb a few questions, one of which included: “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

It seems that Jhb’s response of, “Flying, so I could come see you,” didn’t go over so well, with the star giving an understandable “WTF” look at his reply — which senior producer ‘rufhaus’s’ editing skills made into a truly funny moment.


Amid the ensuing hijinks with Jhb, Neeko did admit that her rise to internet stardom wasn’t a piece of cake, with many criticizing her for reaching fame so quickly and doubting her abilities (although that was about the only serious moment throughout the entire interview).

While fans probably didn’t learn anything totally new about Neeko in this video (aside from her favorite primary color, which is blue — which isn’t even a primary color), it’s definitely worth a watch for viewers looking to have a laugh as they watch their favorite influencer scramble for answers in the face of a gut-bustingly awkward interview session.


Who can we expect to see on TBH with JHB in the future?

Although Neekolul was just the first guest on 100 Thieves’ new show, Jhb did let fans in on what other guests could be making an appearance in his famously awkward series later on.

“Basically, people that are close in the gaming scene/community and are recognizable to fans,” Jhb revealed. “I want to make sure the guests know who I am in a sense of not making them uncomfortable, and that they know how awkward I am.”

JHB as seen during a YouTube video.
YouTube: JhbTeam
Jhb is 100 Thieves’ intern, who boasts a successful YouTube channel and Twitch stream where he collaborates with other big names in the gaming space.

That’s not all; he even dropped a few potential names, most notably CallMeCarson, Jordan Fisher, Hitchariide and even 100 Thieves founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

“We honestly have no idea who to have on next,” he added. “I definitely want to have Nadeshot on the show, as I see it as one of the most iconic ones that we’ll make, but as of right now, we have no idea. I mainly want to have 100 Thieves creators on, but in the meantime, no idea.”

Who knows who will be featured on the show next? Not even Jhb himself is sure; but that just means that the possibilities are endless.