TikToker messages husbands of women who leave her hate comments

TikToker gets revenge on hatersTIKTOK: roxystylezz26

A TikToker left viewers divided after messaging the husbands and boyfriends of women who left her hate comments in viral video.

In a series of viral videos, the TikToker and OnlyFans creator revealed that she was DMing the husbands and boyfriends of women who send her hate, to test their loyalty.

“I’m coming for your husbands,” reads the caption over Roxy Stylez’s first revenge video, which has gone viral with almost 5 million views.

“I’m gonna message some girls’ husbands, and I’m going to show you their responses,” she says in the video, while sounding very excited. “All you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment on my video nasty things, this goes out to you.”

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She then shows the accounts of four women who she says left her “mean” comments, and records herself messaging their husbands and boyfriends on Instagram to test their loyalty, saying she bets one of the four will respond.

Viewers divided over TikToker’s revenge on haters

Many TikTok users praised the OnlyFans model for getting justice on haters.

“This is a level of petty that I can fully support,” one user encouraged. “This the definition of waking up and choosing violence… I’m here for it,” someone else wrote.

Tana Mongeau even commented: “This is hilarious.”

Others, however, were less than impressed with Roxy’s idea of revenge.

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“Translation: I’m not happy so I’ll do my best to make you unhappy,” one user wrote.

“If you put all that energy into something positive, you might feel better about yourself. Try it, it works!” another one added.

In an updated video, Roxy shared the responses she received from messaging the four men. She revealed that the first guy she messaged deleted his Instagram account, but she’s sure that his wife deleted it for him. The second guy she messaged didn’t respond.

But she claims that two out of the four men responded in a flirtatious way.

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One guy told her that “there’s an account using your pics,” and while she was confused at first, it made sense when he sent her a picture of space and wrote: “because you’re out of this world.”

The other one messaged her saying: “honestly, your looks got my attention, but after I regained focus, holy f**k, you are hilarious too.”

“Ladies, I don’t want your f*cking man, but if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have them,” Roxy clarified in her video.

In a third video, the TikToker says one of the women whose boyfriend responded changed her and her boyfriend’s usernames “to make it look like he didn’t respond to me.”

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She further clarifies she is not at all interested in the “trash” men she is messaging, and just wants to show that people don’t get to be a “bully without receiving some consequences.”