TikToker hands out dating résumés to men she finds attractive

Kawter Abed
TikToker dating resumeTikTok: crazyauntemily

A TikToker says she hands out dating résumés to men she finds attractive as hookup apps don’t work for her.

Content creator Emily Zgoda has struggled to find love in dating apps, so she decided to make physical copies of her profiles instead, and hand them out to men she found attractive.

In a viral video, which has garnered over 662,000 views, the TikToker is seen walking into a Costco and giving one of her dating résumés to a “lucky” man.

“She’s her own wing man,” she captioned the video, showing her handing out her profile, which included a picture of her herself with information on the back.

On her profile, she had a quirky picture of herself holding two mini St. Patrick’s Day top hats over her chest and when she flipped the picture over, information about herself was written on the back

On the résumé, she detailed her love for St. Patrick’s Day, sharing that a “green flag” she looks for in a guy is that he “loves St. Patty’s Day” and that her most irrational fear is “being sick on St. Patty’s day.” It also included her name, age, and phone number.

The man in the video appeared to be amused by her dating résumé, and he smiled widely as she explained it and handed it to him. 

TikTok react to woman handing out her dating résumé

Many TikTok users loved the Emily’s “genius” idea, as they left supportive comments under the viral clip.

“This is literally the best thing on the internet. You’re literally gonna meet your soulmate doing this,” one user commented.

“You are a friggen icon I’m crying,” another one wrote. “The bravery is immaculate,” someone else added.

Others were concerned for the content creator, as she shared her personal information in the video.

“Bestie idk how to tell you this but you just put your whole info on the internet,” one user wrote.

“Girl you are about to get so many calls,” a second user shared. “We all wanna know how many people from TikTok texted you from this,” someone else added.

The TikToker has continued to document her attempts at finding love by handing out physical copies of her profile. Her “dating resumes” series have 12 parts so far, but she has yet to find her soulmate.