TikToker famous for throwing plungers gets YouTube CEO’s stamp of approval

Chris Ivan in the street holding a plungerInstagram: Chrisivan_10

TikToker ‘Chrisivan_10’ is famous on the app for throwing plungers at signs. When he ran into issues getting permission to record a video with the YouTube sign, CEO Susan Wojcicki stepped in to help.

When it comes to TikTok, standing out from the rest of the crowd is a great way to go viral on the app.

Chris Ivan has done just that, as he’s amassed over a million followers with his “plunger trick shots,” where he throws plungers at the signs of different businesses.

Before he can do his trick shots and record them for TikTok, he gets permission from either the store’s manager or security but it doesn’t always go as planned.

Chrisivan_10 gets help from YouTube CEO

Chris Ivan and his friends traveled to the YouTube headquarters and asked security if he would be allowed to do his trick shots on the YouTube sign, and was met with a firm no.

An engineer for the company then came out and said that he got permission from security. After a few minutes of the group throwing plungers at the sign, however, security came back out and asked them to stop.

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Then, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki saved the day as she sent a tweet to Chris, inviting him to check out the company’s sign.

She said: “We’ve got a great YouTube sign at our headquarters, @ChrisIvan_10. You should come to visit!”

Fans quickly took the video’s comments, complimenting the CEO for allowing it to happen.

One user said: “Dang Susan actually gave you permission. That’s amazing!”

While another simply replied: “W video W company W CEO.”

Now that YouTube is marked off of his list of signs to throw plungers at, we can only wonder what company he’s going to plunge next.