TikToker divides viewers after hitting on Target cashier for date during work

TikToker hits on workerTIKTOK: rozzzemary

A TikToker has split viewers after hitting on a Target worker at the checkout and asking him out in viral video.

Rosemary, who posts under the handle rozzzemary, went viral on TikTok for sharing a video of her intimate interaction with a Target worker.

In the video, which has amassed over 3.6 million views, Rosemary records the cashier’s reaction to her asking him out on a date.

The clip starts with a shot of a bottle on a checkout counter with a text overlay that reads: “I was nervous at first!”

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Rosemary is then heard asking “Hey how are you?” The cashier responds politely, by asking her how she’s doing. The TikToker says, “I’m good. You’re so cute.” The employee returns the compliment.

She then asks if he has a girlfriend, to which he replies “No I’m single, what about you?”

“I’m single,” she answers. “Are you ready to mingle?”

The cashier then asks Rosemary for her number, before pulling out his phone. The TikToker gives him her number, which is cut out of the video.

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He tells her that it was nice meeting her, and she asks him if he knows any “nice places to hang out.” The cashier then asks her what she’s “trying to do” in the area, before the video ends with him smiling.

TikTok viewers split by woman making the first move

Rosemary’s viral video sparked mixed reactions in the comment section. Some viewers were praising the TikToker for shooting her shot.

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“SLAYYY, I aspire to be this confident in flirting,” a viewer wrote.

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“The world needs more women like you,” someone else added.

“Ladies sometimes all you gotta do is initiate a lil and we got it from there (speaking as a shy guy)” a viewer commented.

Others, however, argued that this kind of approach does not work both ways, and that men are vilified when approaching women at work.

“It’s much easier for girls. We don’t treat y’all like you’re bothering us” someone claimed.

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“Bro he’s working. add that to the fact women say not to approach them, so why would he try anything” another viewer wrote.

According to surveys conducted by the Institute for Family Studies, in heterosexual relationships, men are “much more likely than women to say they asked for the first date.”

Interestingly, the women who asked for the first date are slightly less likely than those who didn’t to say they are happy with their relationship.

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