TikToker claims this strange secret will get anyone out of “dumb” jury duty

TikToker Hunter Kaimi has "secret" to getting out of jury dutyTikTok: HunterKaimi/Unsplash: Eyestetix

A TikToker has gone viral after uploading a video where he shows off what he claims is the perfect way to get out of jury duty.

Throughout the United States, citizens are randomly chosen for jury duty to work toward the outcome of a random case being handled by their local county’s courthouse.

If you are selected, however, there are ways to get out of having to sit on a jury. It can be because you have a bias towards the plaintiff or defendant, have nobody to take care of your children, and more.

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Hunter Kaimi, who goes by his full name on TikTok, has gone viral claiming that he has found the secret to getting out of it.

TikToker claims he has the secret to get out of jury duty

In his video, which has been viewed over three million times at the time of writing, he explains that he was selected for Jury Duty but was trying to find a way to get out of it.

He also revealed that he had to go through a questionnaire to figure out whether or not he has capable of serving on the jury he was selected for.

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When Hunter got to the question asking where he got most of his news from, he revealed the “secret,” as he answered TikTok.

As the video went viral, others went to the comments to share their own ways of getting out of jury duty.

One user replied: “You just gotta pick an extreme bias and stick with it and they’ll be like yea no thanks.”

“I had jury duty last year, they didn’t pick me because I was a student and work a 3 am Mon-Fri work shift,” another said.

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Someone else replied: “My dad bought a Charles Manson shirt to wear to jury duty so they would automatically let him leave.”